Guide to Marbella nursery schools

April 16th, 2018 |

There is no doubt that buying a home is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives. It is a decision comparable to having a child, but what if we put these two important concerns together at the same time in our lives?

As a result of them, there are countless complications. Today we are going to try to resolve some of the questions we may have when we face this situation.

Let us assume that we have decided to live in Marbella. Yes, one of the best areas in Spain, but now we need to know what options we have so that my children can be well cared for – from an early age all the way through to university. In today’s article we will focus on the little ones, what options do we have to take my child to day care and stay calm as parents?

We are going to limit the area, from Marbella to Nueva Andalucía, and we are going to comment on the best options to have our children in nurseries. What are the alternatives? Let’s see.

Budgets vary between 300 and 1000 Euros per month, depending on the number of hours (until 14:00 or until late afternoon), meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc.), and activities (yoga for children, gross motor games, castles, etc.).

Map of Marbella nursery schools

Map of Marbella nursery schools

Marbella East:

If your future home is located in the eastern part of Marbella, we have two options- one is “Colegio Infantil Camping” (see map); it is very close to the N-340 road and therefore noise is be one of its main drawbacks. The other option is “Marbella Wendy Nursery” (see map); both of them are houses converted into nurseries with large patios.

Nurseries in Marbella Centre:

In this case it depends on our needs -whether we need a central nursery or if on the contrary we prefer a place a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the northern part of the city we have “Guarderia La Cabaña” (see map),   the most remote of all of them, a large house with a large garden.

“Coleta Escuela Infantil” nursery school (see map) is one of the best known nursery schools, which also offers a large number of services and activities. Web EIColetas.

We now show you the options we have in the centre of Marbella. We have highlighted 6 nurseries in total because of their easy access and because most of them are bilingual. From north to south, we find “Tiny´s Centro infantil bilingüe” nursery school (see map) with a large garden where children enjoy games and activities.

“Guardería Lili”, a large house with an inner courtyard, is conveniently located but in a busy place for traffic due to the proximity of several schools (see map). Very close to this there  is one of the most prestigious nurseries as it has been running for many years now- “La Latina” school (see map), where its psychomotor activities, early stimulation, and music particularly stand out. We underline its excellent access and proximity to the city, while retaining that point of tranquility and peace of the area.

The “Moonlighting” kindergarten has several nurseries spread across Marbella, and we would like to highlight the most central one also because of its popularity and location (see map). It has spacious classrooms, bright courtyards, activities, and gross motor games. They also have educational psychologists who write quarterly reports on the progress of the children. The more services they offer, the more they help parents to be even more comfortable leaving their children in other people’s hands. You can see their website here (Moonlighting)

The last one we have chosen is “Guardería Party”, in Cánovas del Castillo, very close to the Marbella Conference and Exhibition Centre and the Pirulí monument. This nursery stands out for its homemade cuisine and its proximity to the heart of Marbella. An important advantage then is its excellent location.

Nurseries in the Golden Mile:

It is much more complicated to find a place for our children in the Golden Mile. There is an endless number of holiday services, but for families we find a great gap. One of the local nurseries is “Patatina´s Baby School”, with good facilities, well-equipped classrooms, and a large bright garden.

Nurseries in Nueva Andalucía and San Pedro Alcántara:

“Escuela Infantil Santa Esmeralda” (see map) is located at the entrance to Nueva Andalucía, just after Asador Vovem restaurant. This nursery has homemade meals, spacious gardens, classrooms with very good facilities, and a psychomotor skills area.

Novaschool Fuente Nueva (see map) is a high quality bilingual nursery school.  Its philosophy is based on four fundamental pillars- bilingualism, technology, art, and psychomotor skills.  See their website:

In the central area of San Pedro Alcántara we can highlight 2 nursery schools because of their proximity and central location- one of them is “Balou Nursery” (see map) and the other one “Small Nursery” (see map). They stand out above all for their proximity to the centre, but they are closed houses with small patios, home-cooked meals and flexible opening hours.


We have featured part of the variety that Marbella and San Pedro can offer us in terms of services and places to leave our children, as this is a concern that always arises after purchasing any home. There are parents who have this concern before doing so and even choose one property or another depending on the services offered by the areas where their future home is located.

We hope we have been of help to those parents who wish to live in Marbella and the surrounding areas and we kindly invite them to contact us and get to know the purchase options available at Magna Estates.

Should you wish further information, call us on +34 952 816 338 during business hours.