The key people you need to purchase a home on the Costa del Sol

September 30th, 2022 |

Purchasing a property can sometimes feel like a long and confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Magna Estates, we have composed a no-nonsense list of the key people you need when purchasing a property on the Costa del Sol


What do you need to purchase a home on the Costa del Sol? 

First things first, what exactly do you need to be able to purchase a property on the Costa del Sol? As a foreigner you only require a NIE, which is your individual Foreigner identity number. This number is used for all the official paperwork relating to the property. It is also recommended that you open a Spanish bank account, which whilst not necessary, helps the purchasing process run smoother. 


Who do you need to purchase a home on the Costa del Sol?

Real Estate Agent

The first person you need when buying a property is the real estate agent. A real estate agent helps you every step along the way when purchasing a property. They provide you with invaluable insight into the purchasing process, they are trained to negotiate a better offer for you, and help you all the way until the sale is closed. A real estate agent is undoubtedly the first person that you need to find if you are looking to purchase a home, and so it is of the utmost importance that you find one that fits your needs whilst also knowing the area in which you are looking to purchase. A real estate agent plays an even more significant role if you are a foreigner looking to purchase a property in Spain, as they can help advise you through the process of getting your NIE.   




When it comes down to purchasing a property on the Costa del Sol, you will also require the mortgagee, also known as the mortgage lender. In many cases, the mortgage lender will end up being a bank. If you are looking to purchase a property using a mortgage, then the ideal situation is to get the mortgage pre-approved by the bank and then begin the search for a home. This is so that you can search for your ideal property whilst knowing that you can purchase it. 


Another person you need to consult when purchasing a home on the Costa del Sol is a lawyer. Lawyers during this process ensure that the needs of their client are met and play a key role in avoiding problems during the whole process. When helping a client purchase a property, a lawyer has three main responsibilities. The first is to completely revise the legal state of the property. The second of their responsibilities is the redaction and negotiation of all the legal documents involved in the process. Their final responsibility is to protect the interests of their clients, they are there to ensure that their client gets the best offer possible, and they need to resolve any legal doubts that their client may have during the process. When looking for a lawyer, you must look for one that is specialized in the legal side of real estate. This will guarantee that they are well-trained to identify issues and can provide solutions for them swiftly and without issue. 




A notary signing agent is also needed during the process of purchasing a property. They request several documents from the seller to prove that they are the real owner of the property, ensure that the agreement to sell exists, and make sure that there are no preexisting inheritance or tax issues with the property. This is a crucial factor to avoid difficulties that may arise in the future.


Conveyance Solicitor (Gestoria)

When purchasing on the Costa del Sol the conveyance solicitor is also an indispensable component even though they, too, are not an obligation to contract. As with any process, purchasing a property entails a lot of paperwork. The conveyance solicitor does as their name implies and takes care of all the administrative side of this process. Whilst they might be pricey to contract (up to 15% of the purchase price) the time and confusion that they save is worth it. They ensure that everything is paid under your name such as the taxes, the notary agent and the registry of the property. Once the conveyance solicitor has finished their work, they return all the documents back to you, alongside the money left over after paying all the costs. 


Property register

In order to complete the sale of a home, you need three documents; the public deed of the sale that has been authorised by the notary, the proof of payment of the property transfer, and the proof of having presented the documents for the capital gain payment. These documents need to be presented in person by either the notary, the conveyance solicitor or the buyer of the property themselves. Once these documents have been accepted, the property register will take the next 15 working days to ensure that all is correct with the paperwork, and that it meets all the requirements. 



One final key person during the process of purchasing a property is the architect. Whilst this is not a common thing, they are mainly contracted cases when the buyer wishes to do further work on the property such as a reform, or for if they need a second opinion. If you do wish to do this, it is important to request this from the architect that you also want to do the work. 

If you are looking to start your life on the Costa del Sol and don’t know where to get started, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Magna Estates. We can help you find the professionals that you need such as a specialised real estate lawyer, the most efficient conveyance solicitor, or the most competent notary. Whichever key person you need, we can help you find them! With years of experience in the area, our team of professionals are ready to help you take the first step into owning the home of your dreams on the Costa del Sol.